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2007-09-27.JPGLynn and Corbet are definitively the best of the US... Our story is kind of extraordinary. Let me tell you why. In July my mother was here, to take care of Choupinou while I was working. And one day, few meters from the cottage, she met a woman who starts to talk to her (well I have to admit Choupinou is just a magnet, magnet at sororities, magnet at guys, magnet at everybody, it's just amazing). My mum not speaking a world of English told her something with a kind of english accent "je ne parle pas english" and to the women to answer "pas de probleme, j'adore parler francais" from here nothing extraordinary... But further in the conversation it turns out that Lynn knew Haute-Savoie, even Thonon-Les-Bains my native town. Something like 30 years ago, she had spent some times in thonon for vacation because she would know a couple of friends there, who have spent half a year in Athens few years before. And finally it turns out that my parents knew this couple and that I was at school with one of their daughter (although I admit we did not know each other). I can not stop thinking how a small world we are living in! Anyhow, in few days Lynn became one of the best friends of Choupinou, and she was so nice and helpfull with us since the beginning that I cannot stop thinking that it was destiny...

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caco 03/10/2007 13:30

How amazing ! An unbelievable story !So, you were born in Thonon... A few meters away from a frontier.It makes sense ;)

valerie 01/10/2007 15:17

tu as raison parfois le monde est plus petit qu'on ne pense une village trop grand ........pour s'y crois tous les jours bisous au nomade

Annabel 01/10/2007 13:23

C'est sur.....J'adore croire au destin, je suis sure que tout est écrit...Bonne semaine