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The last game of the season in Athens... and the team is doing pretty well and is first on the rank of the East category of the Southeastern Conference. Don't ask me more...
However, it is just amazing how Georgia citizens are supporting their team. For every game in Athens, people are spending the week-end here, setting up tents, bringing (and sharing) food and drinks, before to go to the game. And regarding the game, european supporters should take some lessons from them. The Stanford stadium count 92 020 seats (for comparison the “Stade de France” count 80 000 seats) for a city (county more exactly) with a population of 100 226 (in 2000)... For each game the stadium is full. The security checks are not as draconian as in Europe, and if you can not bring your own beer inside, you can certainly buy it there... Well! all the ingredients to have violence in France (or any other european country for that matter) are here combined. Nevertheless, there are hardly any fights or violent incidents. People here know how to behave. If there is one thing we should learn from US citizens, it's their fair-play…

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n-talo 20/11/2007 08:47

je ne comprends rien au foot mais pour sur ce que je comprends, c'est que la violence ne devrait pas exister sur les stades