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Yes we are almost local now, we do into tradition. After Halloween, it is Thanksgiving turn...And Choupinou and I were very lucky to be invited in a really nice family in Atlanta. A great family made of a Brazilian mum, a British French dad and 3 adorable universal daughters... The funny thing was that when I was in the Netherlands, I used to go to Dutch lessons with the mum... Although we were not really closed (they left during the first year I was there for US) it is just amazing to realize no matter how the world is vast, you always end up crossing the life road of the same group of people...

It really was a wonderful day... Thanks to you...

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Annabel 23/11/2007 14:48

C'est vrai que le monde est petit, mais surtout, les gens ouverts se retrouvent toujours. 

sissi 23/11/2007 13:22

I like your translation into French... !!

Marie 23/11/2007 09:32

ohohohoh... a turkey!!!!!(it's a small world after all!)(t'as eu mon mail?)