The muddy fairy tale: Chapter two...

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The first day's journey brought them to the river, Satilla, in the small village of Duver Bluff… The sky was faintly blushing when they arrived on the site… The plain was quiet; the swampland was still frosty, slowly recovering from the glacial night… The hamlet was silent; the villagers were already in the field… The four companions had the entire day to accomplish their mission…

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virginie 31/01/2009 20:48

dis donc ,ton bureau n'est pas chauffée mais qu'est ce qu'il est beau!!!!!!

mouton 31/01/2009 02:28

et quel anglais! je passe mon temps dans le dico

marie 30/01/2009 22:35

et quelle photo!rhalala, le suspens monte... monte... monte!la suiiiiiiiiiiite!