The muddy fairy tale: Chapter three...

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The first test was for Akqua from the Aquitard kingdom... The trial was not easy… Fortunately he had in his possession a secret weapon "the pump"... His mission was to retrieve the venomous water concealed into the ground and which was poisoning all the sources, rivers and lakes of his kingdom. He was the youngest of the group, but not the less valiant. He was ready to sacrifice himself in order to save his people and the sweet Ecologia, who was weaving (and undoing) a shroud while waiting for his return… At the end of the day, he had retrieved enough of the lethal water… Enough to have it exanimate by the druid, who will surely found the antidote that will neutralize the poison... Poison that was poured by the evil warlock Anthropogenius (some obscure vengeance, regarding a christening where he has not been invited or something like that…). We then were able to rest for the night, recharging our energy before confronting the day after menaces...

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mom 02/02/2009 08:53

merci pour ton com bonne journée