Beautiful day...

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We just spent a beautiful day, a beautiful sunny sunday. It started with a brunch at the Watershed. Chef Scot Peacock was even here to welcome us. A present from L and C, C who every sunday for 2 years coocked for us special meals. Every sunday afternoon, he will spend hours in his kitchen to prepare wonderful southern meals, just for us... We decided to keep this tradition, and when  we will return to Toulouse, we will cook at least once a month southern meals, that we will share with family and friends, now that we have the magic book of southern cook (and signed by one of the author)... And that was just the begining of our day...

Beautiful Day - U2

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<br /> Une belle photo qui demontre que l'amerique sait vivre autour d'une table sans arches de Mcdo dans le voisinage! J'espere que vous ramenez de bonnes choses dans vos valises, plein de souvenirs...<br /> <br /> <br />