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2010 02 19

My dear friends, here is the end of the story... Goodmood has been unactive for so many months that you probably suspected it already... I do not think I will ever come back here to publish. Goodmood was dedicated to our nomade life, since we are now sedentary, goodmood is not anymore in adequation with me. And I have to admit that I have a hard time to adjust to this new life. It has been difficult time lately. But I hope to see sometime the end of the tunnel. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that along all those years, I spend really a great time on this interface, with you. I met great people. Some for real, some virtually (but I hope to soon meet them for real). For the moment I let this space open, in the state. But I might just closed it for good in a while. Again thank you. I wish you a great life my friends. Take good care of you (and of the planet also ;-)... 


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Joke 21/05/2012 10:37

lynn 02/11/2011 18:38

NO NO NO   I have very few favorites listed here and Good Mood overblog is on the favorite list.

Please come back to the blog. You may not think of yourself as a nomad, but for us you were settled when you lived here.. by us.. Now is when we really need this way of connecting with the


Mahie 06/06/2011 08:08

Bah moi ça me va aussi si tu postes une fois tous les 6 mois :-)

En tous cas si tu passes par Pau tu n'as aucune excuse pour ne pas t'arrêter ok?


Joke 04/04/2011 18:07

No, please. Don't close it.

I belongs to us too, doesn't it?

It would be a part of us vanishing away.


My very best wishes to you and your family.




barbara 02/04/2011 02:35

Moi qui me disais..."J'vais prendre des p'tites nouvelles, y s'rait temps..."bises,